Aquamarine engagement ring

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aquamarine engagement ring

aquamarine said, "I am willing to protect you in March."

Aquamarine is the guardian stone of the March birthstone Pisces, also known as the "Mermaid Stone" or "Love Stone"

What is 01 aquamarine?

The beauty of aquamarine is intoxicating, and its origin is also extraordinary. It comes from a prominent "family" - the mineral of the beryl family, and is a member of the same family as the emerald and morganite of the "King of Emeralds". However, large carats of aquamarine are also common, and if worn, it can be chosen according to personal preference.

The color of Hai Lan Bao is relatively light, with a beautiful color tone like clear and bottomless seawater. The fewer impurities inside the gemstone, the higher the clarity of the gemstone, the more transparent it becomes, and the more beautiful the gemstone becomes.


02 A Black Horse in the Gem Realm

Perhaps people used to hear about aquamarine and thought it was affordable, but now, with increasing popularity, the value of aquamarine has already shown an upward trend and has achieved impressive results in auctions.

Even in 2019, according to surveys, its popularity was second only to diamonds, and it rose to become a dark horse in the gemstone industry, with considerable strength.

03 Various styles of aquamarine

The unique blue color of Aquamarine brings a sense of calmness, wakefulness, and inner peace. Even in times of anxiety, the serene blue color of Aquamarine has a relaxing and soothing effect. The droplet shaped navy blue treasure is also deeply loved by everyone, paired with the most classic styles, it is enough to showcase the beauty of navy blue treasure.

The bright and refreshing blue of Hai Lan Bao brings great joy upon seeing it. As a gift, it is perfect. The large particle navy blue is paired with a simple shape, light and agile.



Simple, pure and clean, as if also synonymous with Hai Lan Bao. The interior of Hai Lan Bao is relatively clean and has fewer contents, which is also one of the reasons why it is loved by everyone.

Many times, the reason we buy gemstones is because a certain color we like can bring us a beautiful enjoyment. The beauty of Hai Lan Bao is intoxicating, and the elegant and retro Hai Lan Bao ring worn in the fingers feels like a spring breeze.

04 Wearing and maintenance ofaquamarine

The Mohs hardness of sapphire ranges from 7.5 to 8, so as long as it is properly maintained and avoids scratches and hard tapping, sapphire is easy to maintain.


1. Prevent friction and collision: When wearing aquamarine, the first thing to pay attention to is not to collide or rub with other objects to avoid scars.

2. Avoid high temperature exposure: Aquamarine has brittle properties and is likely to burst in high temperature environments. Therefore, it should not be placed in high temperature environments.

3. Do not come into contact with acids and bases: In chemical substances, acids and bases have strong corrosiveness. If aquamarine is touched, it will corrode the outer layer, damage the internal texture and network structure, and reduce quality.

4. Regular cleaning and care: When wearing aquamarine, pay attention to keeping it clean. If necessary, use a soft cloth to wipe it to keep its color bright. At the same time, it is important to note that cleaning agents or instruments should not be used when cleaning sapphire jewelry to avoid causing harm to the sapphire.

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