Citrine Engagement Ring

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Yellow crystal engagement ring design

Jewelry Communication "November Birthstone - Yellowcrystal"

Jewelry Culture and Inheritance | Birthstone

People born in November have two beautiful birthday stones to choose from: topaz and yellow crystal.

Topaz can present a rainbow of colorful colors; Yellow crystal is highly praised for its charming yellow and orange colors.


Yellow crystal ring

These two November birthday stones are known for their soothing energy and the ability to bring wealth and warmth to the wearer.


If you are a business person or someone who wants a salary increase next year, it is definitely suitable for you.

The history of using yellow crystal to make jewelry has been thousands of years.


The origin of yellow crystal

The best producing areas for citrine are Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, and Uruguay.

The Annasi mine in Bolivia is located at the deepest point of the world's largest freshwater wetland and is an important source of untreated natural yellow crystals.

In the early 17th century, a Spanish conqueror discovered this place. When he married Princess Anahi of the Ayoreos tribe in Paraguay, the mine was given to him as her dowry.

The mine disappeared for over 300 years and was not rediscovered until the 1960s.

A special crystal produced in the Anaxi mine may contain both amethyst and citrine; If both colors appear in the formed gemstone, it is called a amethyst.

The color of the yellow crystal produced by the Anaxi mine is usually orange yellow to brownish yellow/greenish yellow.


Yellow crystal color

Light yellow

Yellow crystal ring

Positive yellow

The color of yellow crystal is slightly darker than that of East Sea yellow, and sometimes people directly classify it as light yellow crystal.

Yellow crystal bracelet

Orange yellow color

Orange yellow, also known as Brazilian yellow, is relatively dark in color and appears oily due to its rarity in production, resulting in a higher price.

Yellow crystal ring

Orange yellow

Orange yellow yellow crystal is the highest grade of yellow crystal color, with a rich and beautiful color.

Yellow crystal ring

How to choose yellow crystal

Color clarity cutting




The highest quality yellow crystal has a saturated color and almost no brown content, with a color range ranging from yellow to reddish orange (even orange red).



Many faceted yellow crystals on the market look clean and flawless, which means they do not contain any visible contents to the naked eye.

Materials containing a small amount of content are usually used to make convex round gemstones or carvings.

The visible contents in light colored gemstones may greatly reduce the value of yellow crystals.



Yellowcrystal can be cut into various fancy shapes, including custom cutting.

Many cutting styles are calibrated to the standard millimeter size used in mass market jewelry.



The quality of polishing is another factor that affects the value of crystal products.

Crystals need to be polished with diamond sand during the processing, and rough manufacturing can leave friction marks on the surface of the crystal.

The final polishing step plays a decisive role, and the polished crystals are naturally transparent and have a good luster, which is called "fire head foot" in jargon.

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