Wood of Life Ring

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Wood of Life Ring

The "Tree of Life" ring shimmers with a vibrant and pleasing radiance under the macro lens, so transparent and clear, clear and cool.

Life Tree Ring

The burden free emerald sparkles like fish scales, transforming into buds and leaves that hibernate in the harsh winter. It blooms through the fine lines of the skin, winding gracefully around the nests of the vines, nurturing a green tourmaline like a green apple.

It is said that in the Bible, the Tree of Life is the Tree of Good and Evil. When God and Adam made a covenant of life and death by eating fruit, it was destined that Adam would not be able to resist temptation, go against God's will, and be punished.

The legendary Kabbalah philosophy symbolizes the entire universe, the human body, and the small universe, as well as the spiritual journey to the realm of God through meditation, through the growth of the "Wood of Life" in heaven.

In the Celtic Gaul region of ancient Europe, there was a tradition of worshipping trees.

In these sacred forests, there are elves lurking, and human life is also full of elves. The Celts believed that trees provided them with food and shelter, which were crucial for their survival. There is a certain connection between human life and nature and the Earth, and trees carry the souls of our ancestors.

Would you like a tree?

Make the ring into the shape of a tree, wear it on your fingers, and remember the call of the tree. The gemstone energy heart of the green tourmaline symbolizes the core of the tree of life, flowing continuously from the bottom of your heart, cheering for life.

It is said that green tourmaline has a refreshing and soothing effect. The clear green color can relieve emotions, soothe anxiety, and aid in sleep. Tourmaline is high-energy and belongs to the tourmaline family. In ancient times, it symbolized power and status, while green tourmaline symbolized the source of life and energy.

May you also have a tree in your life, firmly rooted in the soil, deeply grasped downwards, stretched upwards, and propped up a huge umbrella, with branches and leaves, leaves and fruits, where life lies, growing endlessly.

Customized Life Tree Ring

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