What lucky gemstone belongs to you a 12 month birthstone?

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What lucky gemstone belongs to you, a 12 month birthstone?

People associate 12 months with jewelry and wear gemstones that belong to their birth month, in order to gain the power of jewelry. In 1912, birthstones were officially designated and first established by the American Jewelry Association (AGTA), which became widely circulated worldwide.

The birthstones we are discussing today are based on the standards provided by the International Association of Colored Gemstones (ICA) in 2015.

January Birthstone - Garnet

Purple Yawu

Garnet is a gemstone that everyone loves very much, with a variety of varieties and rich colors. It is generally divided into two categories, aluminum series and calcium series. The garnets with red, magenta, burgundy, orange, and orange tones that we often see in the market belong to the aluminum series. Green garnets, such as Schaffrey and emerald, belong to the calcium series. Among them, the currently relatively high priced ones on the market include purple tooth black and Fanta stone in the red tone, as well as green saffron and emerald garnet. Garnet represents chastity and truth, illuminating the way forward.

February Birthstone - Amethyst

Crystal is a beautiful single crystal of silica. Rich in color, amethyst is one of the varieties. The colors of amethyst include light purple, true purple, lavender, and so on. The resources are relatively abundant, produced in Africa, Brazil, Henan and other places in China.

Natural amethyst has varying degrees of color bands, uneven color distribution, and there may be some fluffy inclusions inside. Some amethysts in the market are too bright and uniform in color, so consider adding colors. If the interior of the crystal is very clean and transparent, it is even more important to be cautious.

Amethyst symbolizes wisdom, honesty, and peace.

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a pale blue beryl. Including light blue, green blue, with rare occurrences of deep blue and navy blue. Aquamarine has a relatively rich range of internal inclusions. If it is a bracelet type, it can be divided into cream and transparent bodies in the market. Cream like aquamarine actually has a lot of internal inclusions and poor transparency, like blue cream. Transparent aquamarine has a relatively high transparency and fewer inclusions, but its price is also relatively high. If sapphire is cut into bare stones, it is generally relatively pure. The best color of aquamarine on the market currently is called Santa Maria aquamarine, which comes from Brazil. Aquamarine symbolizes calmness and bravery, happiness and longevity.


Former Queen's Crown of England

April Birthstone - Diamond

Diamonds are gemstone grade diamonds and are also a familiar type of gemstone. Originating from the famous advertising slogan "Diamonds are eternal, one is forever passed down". The quality evaluation of diamonds is commonly referred to as the 4C standard in terms of color, cutting, clarity, and weight. Grasping these three points to distinguish between mosonite and diamond is also a commemorative stone for the 60th anniversary of marriage, hence the name "Diamond Marriage".


May Birthday Stone - Emerald

Emerald is one of the five precious gemstones and the king of emeralds. It is also the most famous gemstone in the beryl family. He is the "big brother" of the aquamarine we just talked about. The color of emerald ranges from light green to blue-green, and its famous origins include Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and other places. Emerald is known for its rich internal inclusions, and people call it the "backyard of gemstones.".

Emerald symbolizes love and life, happiness and luck.


Owned by Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III

June Birthstone - Pearl

Pearls are organic gemstones, divided into natural pearls and cultured pearls. It is divided into saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls. Nowadays, most pearls are cultured, and some merchants claim that their pearls are "natural pearls". It is a pearl cultivated from natural "seawater" and "freshwater".

When choosing pearls, one should observe their luster, color, roundness, diameter, etc. The rounder and larger the pearl, the better its luster, and the higher its value.

Pearls are commemorative gemstones for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversary of marriage, symbolizing health and longevity.


July Birthstone - Ruby

Ruby is a red gemstone grade corundum with a chemical composition of aluminum oxide. It is colored due to the presence of trace elements. Its colors include deep red, purple red, and light red, and the best color is called "pigeon blood red". It has a sub diamond luster and is only slightly darker than diamonds. The internal inclusions of ruby are relatively rich, and the more transparent it is, the higher its value. Produced in Myanmar, Mozambique, Madagascar, etc.

Ruby symbolizes dignity, kindness, and passion, and is one of the most beloved gemstones of the Western royal family. The Queen of England's Crown from Black Hair to White Hair | July Birthstone - Ruby

August Birthstone - Olivine

Olivine is named after its color, which ranges from yellow green to medium dark green and is relatively stable in color. Has a strong glass luster. Brighter than tourmaline, crystal, etc. Density: 3.34, with a relatively heavy feel.

Olivine symbolizes peace, tranquility, and happiness.


September Birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphire is the sisters of ruby, belonging to the corundum family. September birthstone sapphire refers to blue sapphire. Yes, you didn't read it wrong. Blue sapphire. In the corundum family, all colors except red can be called sapphires.

Sapphire symbolizes love, honesty, and loyalty.

October Birthday Stone - Tourmaline

The English name of tourmaline comes from the ancient Sinhalese language, meaning "mixed gemstones". In the 17th century, Brazil exported green, elongated tourmaline to Europe, which is called Brazilian emerald because it resembles emerald. People have discovered that this green, elongated gemstone has characteristics that emerald does not have, such as its ability to "adsorb" dust. The Dutch call it "dust absorbing stone". The use of tourmalines in China dates back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, and many ancient imperial and empress tourmaline ornaments can be seen in the Forbidden City today. Not every type of red tourmaline can be called this name - rupee. Tourmaline is rich in colors and is known as the "rainbow that falls into the mortal world". It is now one of the beloved mid to high end gemstones.

The tourmaline symbolizes peace, joy, and stability.

November Birthstone - Topaz

Topaz, also known as Topaz in English, is a literal translation of the English name and is called Topaz. The colors are quite diverse, including colorless, yellow, dark blue, light blue, etc. The best color is yellow, a color similar to champagne. Also known as Brazilian imperial yellow jade. Is Topaz really cheap? Teach you how to buy topaz! Topaz symbolizes friendship and luck.

December Birthstone - Turquoise

Turquoise is also called Türkiye Jade because it is "like a pine ball in shape and nearly pine green in color". In some places, the birthstone of December is written as "Türkiye jade", which is turquoise. But Türkiye does not produce turquoise, because ancient Persian turquoise was imported into Europe through Türkiye, people thought it came from Türkiye. In China, it is also called "Dianzi". Turquoise is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate mineral, mainly composed of coexisting minerals such as kaolinite, quartz, and mica. Produced in Hubei, Anhui, Iran, the United States, and other places in China. Turquoise symbolizes success and victory.

Alright, this is the little knowledge about the twelve month birthstone! Have you found your birthstone yet?


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