What is your favorite classic set ring style?

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What is your favorite classic inlaid ring style?

Diamond rings are expensive and symbolize status. Many people pay attention to the nature of the diamond itself when choosing, but often overlook different inlay techniques. High quality diamond inlay technology can not only minimize the shine of diamonds, but also play a certain promoting role in emotional expression. Understand the common ways of setting diamonds and add a more moving and beautiful symbol to love.


1、 Claw inlay

Claw inlay is a small claw shaped piece made of metal that holds onto a gemstone. There are three claws, four claws, six claws, and multiple claws, with four claws and six claws being the most common. The method of setting gemstones with claws is most widely used and is most common in jewelry. The shapes of claws include circular, triangular, flat, diamond, etc. There are inlaid single or multiple gemstones, as well as group inlays with numerous accompanying stones next to the main stone.


Advantages of claw inlay:

1. Due to the less coverage of gemstones by claw setting, there is more light passing through the gemstones in all directions, resulting in more incident light and strong transparency, making it easy to display the sparkling light of gemstones and highlight their fiery colors. Claw onto the waist edge of the engraved gemstone, sometimes metal claws can be used to cover defects, gaps, etc. on the edges of the gemstone. Experienced stone inlay masters often paint the defective areas before inlaying, in case the metal claws are embedded. Among various design styles, claw inlay can meet the requirements of various styles.


2. High firmness: Generally, gemstones set with claws are not easy to fall off and can be firmly fixed. Of course, if the claws are too detailed and prone to deformation, the thickness of the claws should be appropriate. Therefore, skilled inlay masters will carve a notch on the horizontal surface of their claws when inlaying stones, locking the gemstones to increase their firmness.


3. Compared to other inlay methods, such as card inlay (wall inlay), it has certain requirements for the specifications and dimensions of gemstones. The size requirements for setting gemstones in claw set ring holders are not so strict, but there is a certain range of variation. It is precisely because of the characteristic of claw inlay that the large carat diamond rings seen at auctions always use claw inlay as the inlay method.


Disadvantages of claw inlay:

The disadvantage of claw inlay is that when inlaying gemstones with sharp edges such as pear shaped, heart-shaped, or irregular shaped gemstones, the sharp edges of the gemstones are exposed, which can easily scratch people or cause collisions and fractures. To avoid this situation, sometimes V-shaped claws resembling angle iron are used to wrap around the sharp edges to protect the gemstone and wearer.


In addition, claw inlays are difficult to secure inclined gemstones, such as carved emerald cut gemstones and plain gemstones, which are prone to loosening. If the gemstone is too small, it is not advisable to use claw setting, as too many claws will cover the gemstone and make it appear smaller.

 When selecting claw inlaid jewelry, it is necessary to check whether the claws are of uniform thickness, whether the spacing between the claws is equal, whether the sizes of each claw are consistent, and whether there are any broken connections at the contact between the claws and the gemstone. 

2、 Inlay

Encapsulation is a method of inlay in which a gemstone is surrounded by metal edges. The edging can be a straight edge, fan-shaped edge, or any other shape that can wrap around the gemstone. The back can be opened or closed, that is, open or sealed.

Advantages of inlay:

1. The best stability is achieved through a metal ring, which is the most stable inlay method and one of the widely used inlay techniques. It is generally used for inlaying plain gemstones or various irregular gemstones.

Good covering and inlay can effectively cover the edges, cracks, and impurities of gemstones, and can also compensate for cutting deficiencies through inlay. Therefore, when purchasing jewelry with a set, it is best not to buy jewelry with a sealed bottom, as this allows for observation from multiple angles.

Spotlight color display: Due to the metal part of the package occupying the line of sight, different colored metals also have an impact on the color of the gemstone.

When gold is used to set diamonds or other white gemstones, the yellow reflection on the edges will make the diamonds and white gemstones sparkle with a yellow tone, making them look even more yellow. Therefore, white diamonds are usually set on white metal. However, the light yellow diamond appears white against a golden backdrop. The yellow metal inlay will make colored gemstones look more vibrant.

Yellow metal edging with low grade light yellow or brown diamonds can make the yellow color of the diamond less noticeable. Gray white metal edging with brown gray diamonds can make the diamond look whiter and improve its color level.

Disadvantages of inlay:

Due to the need to cover the edge of the gemstone with metal edges, the exposed part of the gemstone is slightly smaller. Therefore, it is not recommended to use package inlay for smaller gemstones, as it will appear smaller.


Advantages of inlay: Fashionable and avant-garde

The characteristic of inlay is that the claws that press down on the gemstones are not visible, and it does not scratch clothes, giving people a clean and clean feeling, simple and modern. This inlay method further exposes the gemstones than claw inlay, and the gemstones sparkle with a dazzling radiance, very dazzling.

Disadvantages of inlay:

1. The biggest drawback of easy loosening and clamping is that gemstones are prone to loosening. Mainly because it clamps the gemstone against the metal wall and fixes it with metal tension, the position where the gemstone is fixed by the metal is very limited, and the force point is very small. If the groove is too large, it is very easy to cause the gemstone to loosen or even fall off.

When the ring number cannot be changed for a round gemstone card setting, the contact points of the circle are two points, which can easily loosen. Moreover, if the style is changed to a finger ring, the tension of the metal will decrease after deformation, and the gemstone setting will not be firm.

Track inlay

Track inlay is a type of diamond inlay, also known as wall inlay, which uses metal slots to hold the sides of the gemstone waist for inlay. The quality requirements for the diamond inlay in the track are very high, and it is necessary to ensure that the diameter, height, and waist thickness of the inlaid diamonds are basically consistent. The princess side stones also require their shape, size, and thickness to be the same, so that they can be tightly matched when the track is bent. The jewelry produced by this inlay method not only has smooth and smooth appearance lines, simple and beautiful distribution, but also makes the entire jewelry appear more luxurious and precious.

Advantages of track inlay:

1. The stable track inlay mainly uses the tension of the metal groove edge on the ring holder to stabilize the diamond. The position below the diamond waistline covers the inner side of the metal groove, and only the diamond tabletop will be exposed on the outer part. So, the first advantage of track inlay is that it can ensure the stability of diamonds and is also a very reliable method of diamond ring inlay. 

2. The smooth surface track inlay method can make the surface of the diamond ring smoother, without damaging the skin or causing wear on the diamond during the wearing process. It is precisely this advantage that makes track inlay a very popular inlay style among diamond ring styles for newlyweds.

Disadvantages of track inlay:

The drawback of track inlay is that diamonds may be damaged during the inlay process. Because track inlay mainly uses the tension between the two sides of the metal to stabilize the diamond. If the metal groove is too small, it will affect stability, but if the metal groove is too small, it will damage the diamond.

The above-mentioned inlay methods are currently quite popular, each with its own characteristics, allowing people who pursue different effects to choose their favorite inlay method and unleash the charm of diamonds~

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