What is K gold Why is 18K gold the international mainstream

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What is K gold Why is 18K gold the international mainstream

What is K gold

K is the abbreviation of Karat. which is the unit of gold purity and can be simply understood as the gold content

The international standard divides the purity of gold into 24 equal parts. each of which is approximately 4.166666% expressed in K. K gold is actually a precious metal containing different parts of gold for example.18 K gold is gold with a gold content of 75%.

At present. K gold in jewelry mainly includes the following types:

24K gold

In theory. 24K gold refers to pure gold with a gold content of 1000 ‰. But in reality. there is almost no such amount of gold. Internationally gold with a gold content of 999 ‰ or more is labeled as 24K gold.


18K gold

The gold content of 18K gold is 75%. and the remaining 25% is silver. zinc. nickel. palladium. copper. or other metals. On the basis of ensuring the golden luster. it can also have a stronger hardness. making it the mainstream choice for inlaid jewelry today.


14K gold

The gold content of 14K gold is 58.5% which is suitable for inlaying gemstones like 18K gold. It is not easy to rust and corrode. has good gloss retention. and is cheaper than 18K. so it is very popular abroad.


9K gold


The gold content of 9K gold is 37.5%. 9K gold has high hardness. strong elasticity. is not easily deformed and worn. and is much cheaper than 18K gold. Some luxury jewelry brands love to use it. Generally. the styles are small cute and simple. with small gemstones embedded. While ensuring the appearance of the style. the price is also much cheaper compared to 18K.

According to general regulations. gold below 9K cannot be called gold jewelry.

The color of 2K gold

In addition to 24 K gold and 22 K gold yellow. other types of gold containing K gold can be adjusted appropriately due to market demand to present a colorful and fashionable color. such as platinum. rose gold. bright yellow gold. green. purple. etc. Among them. the following three colors are mainly popular among consumers:

Bright yellow gold

In addition to gold. K gold contains metals such as copper. zinc. platinum. nickel. silver. palladium. etc. presenting a bright golden color. While possessing traditional gold. it is even more dazzling and dazzling.

On the premise of ensuring the gold content. each factory has its own proportion formula when making K gold. By adjusting the proportion of metal elements such as copper and zinc. dark or light yellow K gold can be obtained. This is also the reason why there are differences in the color of K gold products from different merchants in the market. which is a normal phenomenon.


Bright white gold K gold with a strong metallic luster. due to the presence of metals such as silver. nickel. and zinc. its original color is a slightly bluish yellow white. In order to match many gemstones and meet the demand of consumers for bright white. the factory will electroplate a layer of precious metal rhodium on its surface (rhodium is much more expensive than gold) making it pure white in color and durable.

Rose Gold  

Rose gold K gold. due to its presence of platinum. nickel. silver. palladium and other metals. presents a warm and reddish metallic color. which is very fashionable and has been popular among consumers in recent years.

Why is 18K gold the international mainstream

In the selection of jewelry materials.18K gold is undoubtedly the mainstream in the international jewelry market today. So. why is 18K gold so popular

High persistence

Although foot gold has a long history as jewelry. its high ductility makes it very soft. If made with pure gold to create a relatively three-dimensional or thin shape. a slight mistake can deform and even cause the gemstone to fall off. Repairing and restoring it will not only consume a lot of cost and time. but may even be impossible to restore.

Compared to pure gold. 18K gold has a sufficiently high hardness and is less prone to deformation and fracture. This means that it can be used to create more complex and difficult designs. and can ensure that jewelry maintains good luster. shape is not easily deformed. and the embedded gemstones are not easy to fall off during long-term wear.

Even if there are scratches or loss of luster on 18K gold due to prolonged wear. it can be restored to its original condition with a slight polishing or electroplating.

More fashionable

The colors of 18K gold are quite diverse, suitable for various textures and colors of gemstones. Common 18K gold include 18K platinum.18K gold. 18K rose gold. etc. Designers can create more diverse and exquisite styles to meet consumers pursuit of fashion and personality.

For example. the mainstream use of gold for diamond rings. both domestically and internationally. highly favors the use of 18K platinum.

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