Turtle engagement ring

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Turtle engagement ring

Drifting across the sea to meet you - the Lucky Turtle Ring, the mysterious turtle as the embodiment of wisdom,

bears the secrets of the earth and stars on its solid back



The bottom of the turtle shell has twelve squares, symbolizing the twelve earthly branches. Interestingly, the layout of a turtle shell contains all the codes symbolizing the mysteries of the universe, making the turtle one of the Four Spirits. So don't underestimate turtle farming, as it actually has a profound relationship with feng shui.







For this world

It is fearless and brave

Optimistic and upward

Just to bring you luck and beauty.

All beautiful encounters must start from the story




Turtles are the oldest surviving reptiles

Also a long-lived animal

Meaning longevity, auspiciousness, promotion and wealth, calming evil spirits and welcoming blessings

It is a mascot of auspiciousness and is very popular among people

Make the entire scene more beautiful and artistic

The lucky turtle seems to be galloping in the water

△ Completed design of the lucky turtle ring

△ Appreciation of the design details of the lucky turtle ring

Holding a coin on the ring

Echoing the coins on my back

It drifts across the sea, crossing the magnificent waves to meet you

Just to protect your peace of mind

Bringing you a sense of luck and beauty

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