Moonstone engagement ring

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The moonstone, symbolizing love, exudes a dreamy moonlight


For centuries, moonstones have been one of the beloved gemstones, believed to awaken the gentle passion of loved ones and attract beautiful romantic love like moonlight. In Rome, they believed that the moonstone was formed by moonlight, and the shadow of the god of moonlight, Diana, could be seen in the moonstone. The Greeks also believed that it was a symbol of the goddess of beauty and love, Venus.

The unpolished moonlight stone is full of a hazy sense of mystery

 Having spiritual power and good wishes

 In the Middle Ages, it was believed that gazing at moonstones would

cause one to fall asleep and predict the future from dreams. Even to this day, in some Arab countries, moonstones are often sewn into clothes as a symbol of wealth.

  In modern India, moonstones are still considered sacred symbols, and they are used as dream stones because they are believed to give wearers beautiful fantasies at night. In the legend of the East Indies, the moonstone represents the symbol of the third eye and can purify spiritual understanding.

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