Snake engagement ring

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Snake engagement ring


The meaning and wearing of snake shaped rings

The Meaning and Wearing of Snake Ring

The snake totem has a special significance in the jewelry world and has become one of the most prominent symbols in the jewelry world, as well as in rings. But what is the significance of this piece of jewelry? Why does it always occupy an honorary position in the showcase of the best jewelers?

The Origin of Snake Ring

Snake - the oldest and most widely circulated mythological symbol, can be seen in myths and folk legends of various cultures around the world. The ancestors of the Chinese nation were Fuxi and N ü wa, who had a human head and a snake body; The snake lured Adam and Eve to steal the forbidden fruit; The gods of ancient Egypt had intricate connections with snakes.

In different eras and ethnicities, there is a symbol of the Ulopoulos ring, also known as the tail snake, forming an endless circle. This symbolizes the power of devouring and regenerating, as well as the cycle of things. In some myths, there are also symbols of eternity, immortality, and perfection.


The history of snake shaped rings dates back to the Victorian era, and the founder of this trend was Queen Victoria.

The husband of Queen Victoria once gave her a snake shaped ring made of gold and adorned with emeralds, and since then, the Queen has been wearing this snake shaped ring every day, making this jewelry famous all over the world. This special form of ring has never ceased to attract people, and various jewelry artists have reprocessed and reused it

Modern Snake Ring Performance

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