Pearl engagement ring

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Pearl engagement ring


Pearl rings are in fashion~It's great to bring them for engagement, make sure to collect a few!

Exquisite decorations not only elevate the outfit to a higher level, but also create a relaxed and positive mood. This retro shaped ring has a simple design and is particularly versatile.




The three-dimensional and exquisite lines, small transfer beads, exquisite workmanship, both transfer and fashion, are suitable for any woman to wear a ring.


The natural pearl ring has chosen the simplest style, and the pearls reflect the halo of light, which is very beautiful and shining. Unique design, very exquisite.

A classic and timeless style that perfectly combines fashion and temperament. The style is also very generous, and the unique design is unique when worn on the hand.



Versatile design that can be worn by women with any finger shape, highlighting the elegance and sweetness of the fingers. The fitting curvature protects women's delicate jade hands, emitting a soft luster that is irresistible.



In summer, wearing a beautiful dress with a fresh and bright ring, exquisite workmanship, full and smooth, caring for the lover's fingers, in the vast crowd, extraordinary temperament, absolutely noble.



A three-dimensional ring with a fitting curve to protect women's delicate jade hands. It has a versatile design that can be worn by women with any finger shape, highlighting the elegance and sweetness of the fingers.





Simple and smooth lines, outstanding brilliant group inlay. Exquisite design, under skillful craftsmanship, showcases freshness and romance to the fullest, embellishing your beautiful fingertips.


The mouth design of the ring is warm and elegant, with a unique and fresh appearance. It exudes a low-key beauty and exudes an elegant temperament when worn.


Which finger is good to wear?


Rings have had a strong symbolic significance since ancient times, so their wearing method is very particular. According to Chinese customs, engagement rings are generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand, while wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand; If unmarried, it should be worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand, otherwise it will make many suitors hesitate. According to Western tradition, the left hand displays the luck bestowed upon you by God, which is associated with the heart.


Therefore, it makes sense to wear a ring on the left hand. Due to the fact that the left hand represents "marriage" and the right hand represents "love", the fingers in the same position of the left and right hands have opposite meanings, making it easier to remember.




[Index Finger]: Left hand - unmarried (already in love, planning to get married) Right hand - passionate (not considering marriage or not)


Middle Finger 】: Left hand - engaged (married but heart unknown) Right hand - famous flower with owner (heart belonging)


[Ring Finger]: Left Hand - Newly Married (End of Love) Right Hand - Single (Not yet in Love)


Little Finger 】: Left hand - unmarried (possibly in love) Right hand - single aristocrat (not in love)

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