Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Moss Agate Engagement Ring

What is moss agate? What are the benefits of wearing moss agate?

Moss agate is a type of pictographic patterned agate among water grass agates. Because the texture inside resembles moss, it is further subdivided and called moss agate. But in fact, except for the internal texture, everything is the same as water grass agate.

Moss agate, like all pictographic agates, is composed of ice and texture, just like a piece of white paper with a few strokes of ink, complementing each other and creating a distant artistic conception. The texture of moss agate is mainly green, yellow, brown, red, and blue, with green and brown being the most common.

The difference between moss agate and water grass agate is not only in texture, but also in quality. Water grass agate is produced in Fuxin, Liaoning with high yield and good quality. However, moss agate is more abundant in India, and the moss texture is bright in color, with clear lines, and the ice is also very clean. It has a feeling of soaking the moss on the stone slab in front of the pond and swaying with the water waves.

The biggest benefit of wearing moss agate jewelry is its beauty, which can also enhance a person's temperament; And in leisure time, seeing a sea of ice wrapped in a lively and lively moss, does that mood also fade away, as if returning to childhood playing by the river.

In the application of crystal energy, moss agate can be used to alleviate sudden adverse conditions in any part of the body. It can alleviate mental stress and excitement, especially prolonged stress.

In ancient times, people believed that moss agate could make people wealthy and bring happiness and longevity. In addition, it can also evolve people's lives and life values without being too inflated, hollow, or unrealistic. Of course, it can promote spiritual growth in humans.

The biggest characteristic of moss agate lies in its texture, so when choosing, we must choose those with obvious texture and complete artistic conception, and the ice must also be pure and clear, only in this way can we have more artistic conception.