Moissanite engagement ring

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Moissanite engagement ring

Mosangshi is undoubtedly the first choice for wedding rings

The reason why Mo Sangshi became the first choice for wedding rings


Why is the Mosang stone ring the first choice for wedding rings? Let's take a look at the reasons given by the appraisal together~


Recognized by authoritative institutions

At present, the diamond jewelry purchased in the market has a variety of certificates and documents, and many people are probably confused when they see them. What organization is the reliable certification for certificates and documents?


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GIA Gemological Research Institute, a non-profit gemstone research institution, is on par with IGI International Gemological Institute in terms of scale globally. However, GIA is undoubtedly the most authoritative institution in the world, and synthetic diamond identification technology is also the most advanced, and 4C is also established by GIA.


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The recently popular new gemstone "Mosonite" has been recognized by GIA as the most dazzling gemstone. Mo Sang Shi, a new type of gemstone, even the international brand Cartier plans to launch it as a new model next year; Some GIA personnel have also said that mosonite will definitely replace diamonds in the future.



Overall, "4C" data is better than diamonds

A high-quality Mozambique stone also depends on its 4C, cutting quality, color, weight, clarity, and clarity. A DF colored colorless grade Mosonite is definitely comparable to a top-notch D-colored natural South African diamond. And the G colored Mosonite (a subtle yellow color) is also equivalent to natural South African diamonds of the same G color. What are the advantages of Mosonite? Don't worry, let's take a look at some data first.

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In addition to hardness, the data of Mosonite is generally superior to that of diamonds. Regarding hardness, diamonds are undoubtedly the hardest gemstones in the world. Although mosonite is only the second one, its hardness is sufficient for long-term preservation and is not suitable for wear and tear. And regarding dispersion, have you noticed that the dispersion of monazite is twice that of diamonds! Because mosonite is birefringent, while diamonds are birefringent, based on this, mosonite can defeat diamonds. What is refraction? Refraction is the reflection that occurs when a light source enters a gemstone, and the higher the refractive index, the stronger the reflection ability. So the fire color is extremely outstanding.

That's why even the international brand Cartier, which has a 150 year long history and is hailed as the "emperor's jeweler" in the world, will introduce a new series of Moselle diamonds at the next Paris Jewelry Exhibition.

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