Gold recycling

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Gold recycling

We are well aware that 100% sustainable jewelry does not actually exist. However, we approach our sustainable development journey with honesty. When our planet is in crisis, simply paying to offset carbon emissions is far from enough. Therefore, our next key measure is how to effectively and actively reduce emissions.

Our commitment is to become a climate positive company dedicated to reducing carbon footprint. We understand that we have not yet reached our goal, but this is the journey we have gone through so far: gold recycling - an extremely environmentally friendly alternative.

To extract 10 grams of gold, a large conveyor system must transport up to 5 tons of ore. With the excessive use of heavy machinery, diesel engine exhaust gas will be discharged into the atmosphere. In addition, the use of chemicals such as mercury and cyanide in gold exploration also imposes a heavy burden on the environment. Moreover, in gold mining areas, rivers are dammed, forests are cut down, and mountains are demolished. These are all powerful reasons for recycling old gold, remelting it in refineries, and strengthening recycling. Recycling new gold in this way will cause much less damage to the environment.

We mainly process gold jewelry, gold bars, and gold stickers. The laboratory here will also conduct preliminary analysis on the content of pure gold, which may vary greatly. When necessary, decorative gemstones or glass pearls must be removed from the jewelry and their components melted separately to ultimately achieve the recovery of pure gold contained in the jewelry.

So, we accept the old jewelry you provide for your jewelry customization. After customizing a piece of jewelry, we only charge refining fees and manual fees.

Please note that our gold recycling is only used to customize your new jewelry. If there is any excess, we will send it back to you along with the goods or use it to offset labor costs, etc.