Sapphire engagement ring

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Customized sapphire engagement ring


A sapphire ring representing "loyalty" unlocks new engagement trends.

In this increasingly personalized era, more and more modern young people are choosing non diamond wedding rings, especially sapphire, which has been used as a wedding ring by many royal nobles in Europe. With the widespread dissemination, this has brought beautiful and excellent sapphires into the sight of more people.

1、 The symbolism of sapphire is that marriage is a major event in life, and engagement determines the attitude of both men and women towards their future marriage fate. The engagement ring is a symbol of this important link, and it is not difficult to understand why couples attach so much importance to the engagement ring. At the same time, sapphire itself carries the meaning of love and loyalty, so sapphire is particularly suitable as the main stone for engagement rings. Sapphire is a common tradition in Europe as an engagement choice, while diamond dating has been a hype in recent decades.

2、 The Inheritance of European Royals

Sapphire is one of the five precious gemstones, and as an engagement ring, it has great strength in both appearance and temperament. Moreover, there is still a cultural heritage of the European royal family. Just when the British royal family got engaged, sapphires frequently appeared, so the relationship between sapphires and the royal family can be said to be very close, and they also have a luxurious and prestigious aura.

3、 The pursuit of celebrities and celebrities

Not only are European royal families enthusiastic about choosing sapphires as engagement rings, but European and American celebrities and socialites also like to use sapphires as engagement rings. In Western marriage culture, there is a habit of "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue", so blue is very important in Western weddings. So brides to be sometimes choose blue gemstones when getting engaged, making sapphires the preferred choice for engagement rings.

4、 Introduction to Sapphire Shopping Guide

As sapphires of the corundum family, the friction hardness can reach 9, which is very high. However, compared to diamonds, there are very few things in daily life that can exceed 9 in hardness, so there is no need to worry too much about sapphires being easily worn and scratched.

1. The preferred color is "Royal Blue", which is the highest rating among sapphire colors. The color can be rich and deep, but cannot turn gray or blue. The purple tone is acceptable and can better enhance the color of sapphire. 2. Then look at the crystals and visually inspect the tabletop without any obvious inclusions or defects, nor any cracks. The cleanliness of the glass body is good. 3. Cutting should be thorough, without any leaks, without large buttocks, and present a good flame. 4. As for "no burn" or "with burn", for those weighing less than 2 carats, choosing with burn is the most cost-effective option. You don't have to worry about its resale value, as long as the color is beautiful and the crystal fire color is good, choose the one you like at first glance. Moreover, the color and crystal clarity of the burnt stone will make it look more beautiful and transparent. As for items larger than 2 or 3 carats and those with a budget, it is important to consider choosing non burn options as there may be some room for appreciation. At present, the price of sapphire in the Chinese color treasure market has maintained an annual increase of 20% to 30%, and when it is high, it is similar to this year, which is 50%. Due to limited natural resources, we hold a bullish attitude towards the future market. 5. Origin and Certificate: Any origin will have high-quality stones. If there is no origin complex, sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar are very good choices. Finally, let's talk about certificates. Of course, international certificates have a certain degree of authority and professionalism. Remember not to trust some "wild chicken" institutions that you have never heard of. Generally recognized certification bodies include GRS, AIGS, GUILD, EGL (Sri Lanka), RGL, etc. It is sufficient for testing small carats of 1-2 carats of stone. PS: The certificate is only a basic reference, and the specific stone situation must be combined with the actual object.


5、 Inlay craftsmanship and style design

Inlaying is one of the important factors in the value and price of every jewelry. If a precious sapphire is not finely crafted, it will also appear to have a low level of quality. Design is often an issue that cannot be ignored. Every designer, when decorating Blue Treasure, will interpret its beauty with unique designs, use clever production techniques, and showcase the unique charm of Blue Treasure itself.

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