Customized military ring

Customized military ring

Rings, as traditional jewelry and emotional sustenance, have been widely recognized by the public, and they are a special symbol of honor for military personnel. In European and American armies, soldiers can wear simple and elegant jewelry such as wedding rings

Wearing rings by soldiers has been a tradition since the era of chivalry, and rings from different families and military branches have their own unique characteristics. This aristocratic tradition has continued to this day, forming a unique military jewelry culture. Military rings can be purchased when there is surplus in military clothing allowances, and soldiers can wear more than one type of ring at the same time. In most cases, a soldier's ring is a symbol of their service experience, status, and honor. Of course, for soldiers, they cannot wear rings from units they have not served in, just like they cannot wear medals they have not received before.


A simple military ring can sometimes be incredibly ordinary, just like a cheap ring from a street shop. For example, a regular military ring is just a metal ring engraved with simple words such as ARMY (Army) and USMC (Marine Corps), which looks unremarkable. At the same time, the author also saw that many army unit rings are only engraved with team badges or armband patterns on silver rings, but the production is relatively fine. These rings are made of a variety of materials, including pure silver, platinum, and white steel. Sometimes, the feeling of a simple ring is like that of a commemorative bracelet worn by a soldier, simple yet eye-catching. This type of ring can withstand various frictions and bumps, making it very suitable for soldiers who need to frequently perform various movements with their hands, especially on the battlefield.

——The simple Marine Corps ring is more like a small seal

Gorgeous type

As the name suggests, a gorgeous military ring is definitely a ring with fancy patterns, exquisite designs, and sometimes adorned with gemstones and other decorations. Most of these rings require careful protection, and if they are bumped, they are difficult to repair. At present, gorgeous military rings are the most commonly seen and have the most diverse appearances in the military of Western countries. This type of ring can be roughly divided into two categories. One category is the military ring, which refers to the different styles of rings used by the land, sea, and air forces; Another type is military rings, which refer to rings designed and customized by some units themselves, such as rings for each US Army division or independent regiment. Taking the US military as an example: Each branch has a gold plated or pure gold branch ring, distinguished by the branch's hat badge (the hat badges of the four major branches of the US military are all different), and all are set with gemstones. More interestingly, the same unit ring can also be set with gemstones of different colors, which should be similar to the unit ribbon and can distinguish units based on color (taking the army as an example, blue represents infantry, red represents artillery units, yellow represents cavalry units, etc.).

The high-end product of the gorgeous ring is naturally a gold studded diamond ring. When General Patton attended important ceremonies, he always liked to wear the ring all over his hands. Of course, wealthy generals like him can easily find ring manufacturers to order military rings. For ordinary soldiers, this type of ring is not affordable for everyone.

In the US military, some teams also specialize in designing gorgeous rings as souvenirs to wear. Graduates from the US Army West Point Military Academy often receive "West Point rings", and after officially joining the military, they often take pleasure in showing off their rings, which makes their peers envious. These ring materials may not be very expensive, just because the team they represent is very famous and therefore highly anticipated. A silver commemorative ring for the Green Belle Hat Army, made of 925 sterling silver. The front of the ring is engraved with the military emblem of a green beret, with one side featuring the arm emblem of a green beret unit and the other side featuring the Army Parachute Qualification Medal. Although the ring may have some wear and tear, it is evident that the casting mold for the ring is meticulously crafted, with intricate patterns that are faithful to the actual appearance of military badges, making it a great personal collectible.

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