Turquoise Engagement Ring

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Customized Turquoise Engagement Ring


Turquoise: Myths and Legends


Turquoise, a gemstone that holds a place in both ancient mythology and modern stories. In Chinese mythology and legend, N ü wa refined five colored stones to repair the sky, including the existence of turquoise. Whenever the sky clears and thousands of miles of high altitude wash away, that calm blue seems like turquoise smeared by a female snail on the sky.

Turquoise occupies an extremely important position in Xizang. It is not only a decoration on the first Tibetan king's crown, but also an altar offering and valuable gift. Even today, the nobles of Lhasa still love jewelry made of gold and turquoise.

Many ethnic groups around the world consider turquoise as a gift from God. Native Americans in the United States believe that turquoise is the spirit of the sea and blue sky, which can bring good luck and auspiciousness to expeditions. Persians believe that seeing turquoise for the first time in the morning can bring good luck for the day. The Egyptians used turquoise to carve the goddess of love to protect their gem shops.


Turquoise: History and Culture


Turquoise, this ancient and mysterious gemstone, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also carries rich historical and cultural connotations. In ancient times, turquoise was widely used, from decorating crowns to serving as a product for worshipping gods, demonstrating its noble status.

Turquoise is deeply ingrained in people's hearts. It is an important component of Tibetan culture, representing power and dignity. In history, the Tibetan king gave turquoise as a gift to high-ranking lamas, and even as a tribute to neighboring countries.

In other parts of the world, turquoise also holds a unique position. American Indians regard turquoise as a symbol of divine power, while Turks believe that turquoise beads can block the eyes of demons. In medieval Germany, turquoise rings were a must-have for engagement. The man gave them to his fianc é e and judged their loyalty by observing the color changes of the rings.

Turquoise: Modern Value and Significance


Nowadays, the value of turquoise has surpassed its material level and is more of a symbol of spiritual sustenance and emotional expression. As the birthstone of December, turquoise represents warmth, vitality, auspiciousness, eternity, and success. Wearing turquoise jewelry can bring endless positive energy to people's lives.

In addition, turquoise is also widely used in jewelry design and artistic creation. Its unique color and texture make each turquoise a unique artwork. In modern society, turquoise has become a symbol of fashion and personality, loved by more and more people.

In short, whether from the perspective of mythology, historical culture, or modern value and significance, turquoise has an irreplaceable position. It is not only a beautiful gem, but also an important carrier that connects the past and present, carrying human civilization and emotions.

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