Olivine Engagement Ring

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Customized Olivine Engagement Ring


The ancient "sun gemstone"

Olivine has a long history of wearing it. As early as 1500 AD, ancient Egyptians mined and wore olivine. It has a longer history of wearing than emerald. At that time, people were known as the "sunset dusk" due to their unique and irreplaceable bright green. Wearing it can protect the wearer, dispel fears from the darkness, and also ward off evil spirits, giving it the reputation of the "sun gemstone". Olivine is an August birthstone, guarding the interplay of the Sun, the guardian star of Leo and Leo. It is also a commemorative gem for the 15th anniversary of marriage, symbolizing light and hope, happiness and peace


To explore the truth

Chinese name: Olivine English name: Peridot (gemstone grade olivine), Olivine (olivine mineral) Chemical formula: (Mg, Fe) Si 0. Crystal system: Orthorhombic crystal system Hardness: 6.5-7, slightly increased with increasing iron content Specific gravity: 3.2-3.5 refractive index: 1.654-1.690 Transparency: Transparent luster: Glass luster Cleavage: Medium/incomplete cleavage Fracture surface: Shell like morphology: Often columnar, granular Special optical effects: Starlight effect and cat's eye effect

Maintenance of Olivine

Olivine has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7, which is softer than many gemstones and is not suitable for wearing. Therefore, it is not recommended to set it in daily wear rings. Some acidic substances (even long-term exposure to acidic sweat) can damage olivine. Cleaning olivine is a very delicate process. Never use steam or ultrasonic cleaning devices, as olivine is highly susceptible to thermal shock damage. Using a soft bristled brush and mild soapy water in warm water is the safest way. Olivine should be carefully stored to avoid being scratched by harder gemstones.

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