Customized Family Seal Ring

Customized Family Seal Ring

When it comes to seal rings, if you think this is just an ordinary style, then as a trendy pearl star, it is obviously not qualified.

Do you still remember in the movies "The King's Speech" and "Ace Agent", the protagonist often wears a ring with a pattern printed on the ring face on his hand.

Have you ever thought about why men in most European movies or TV dramas wear patterned rings on their little fingers?

Although the appearance of the seal ring may seem ordinary, for thousands of years, as a symbol of noble status, the seal ring has firmly occupied the "C position" in men's fashion accessories. It can not only be used for wearing, but also has extraordinary significance and certain practicality.

The seal ring is a symbolic token that represents family, bloodline, and historical heritage in Europe and America. The small decoration on the fingers is of great significance, and its importance is self-evident.

Seal rings are similar to Chinese seal carving seals, and they are more convenient to wear on the hand, not easy to fall off, and more suitable for modern society.

Seal rings have long been a symbol of wealth and social status, dating back to ancient Egypt four thousand years ago.

At that time, seal rings were generally made of materials that were easy to carve, such as gold or lower hardness gemstones.

For centuries before the emergence of photos, ID cards, and fingerprint scans, seals and rings have been worn to determine who you are and what your social status is.

The markings on the ring can be used to identify the wearer's specific identity and family information.

The Harvard Boston Museum of Fine Arts was excavated in Sudan (ancient Nubia) in 1923 and can be traced back to the Maloetian period between 40 BC and 40 AD.

It was found in the ruins of a looted tomb, with two golden mummies carved on it.

European nobles and wealthy people pay more attention to bloodline and family surnames. Most surnames that have been preserved for hundreds or even thousands of years now have a totem emblem design, representing their own family. The more territory you have, the more complex the emblem design may become.

After the man of the family reaches adulthood, if he is the eldest son who is eligible for inheritance, the father will pass on the ring and

 seal with the family emblem to him.

We will also publish a specialized badge manual to search for your surname or the meaning of this pattern/totem.

In modern times, this seal ring has more significance and represents that you have reached adulthood. Many families without a family emblem will prepare a ring with the child's initials as an adult gift and symbol for their child when they reach adulthood.

Ral seal rings are all hand carved, not as smooth as those carved by computers, but hand carved has unique characteristics, is not easy to replicate, and is also more artistic. This thing itself is a work of art, not just a simple decoration.

Modern computer laser engraving can also be used, and some so-called jewelry craftsmen in the United States like to use high-tech methods to make jewelry and seal rings.

Although the equipment is very advanced and can easily and quickly make a batch of identical patterned rings, it loses the significance of personalized and unique personal tokens at any time.

Modern technology is indeed fast for making ring noodles, it doesn't require any skills, as long as you know how to use a computer.

The traditional method of making a ring is to forge and shape a whole piece of gold with a heavy hammer.

The rough ring formed by the body can be seen clearly in the left picture to show the thickness of the ring surface.

In terms of carving methods, there are two traditional manual carving methods: thin carving and deep carving. Deep carving means that the pattern is carved deeper, requiring greater strength and more stable hands, and the pattern will be more three-dimensional and beautiful.





Traditionally, it is hand carved, and complex patterns require several days of carving.

Usually, seal rings are made from 9K to 18K gold, and there are also gold and silver options, with a few using rose gold and platinum.

Gold includes gold, platinum, rose gold, and so on, with a maximum purity of 24k. In China, it is customary to use 49 foot gold. Considering that the softness of foot gold can affect durability and wear resistance, the UK commonly uses 9k and up to 18k purity gold to make jewelry and gold objects.


The UK usually uses numbers as purity indicators, with 750 gold referring to 18K gold and 9K gold referring to 375. (Karat and carat have the same meaning, spelled differently in different countries, such as the UK using carat, China and the US using k)

Similarly, the most commonly used purity of silver in the UK is 925 silver, also known as Sterling silver.

The patterndesign of the seal ring can be a combination of name or surname+first letter, which may be more in line with modern and concise aesthetics. It can also be some commemorative days such as marriage or birth of children or zodiac signs.

What is the shape or style of the seal ring?

The seal ring is distinguished by the shape of the ring face, and the most commonly used and recommended are oval and cushion shapes.

Other shapes include hexagonal, octagonal, diamond, and so on.

Usually, a cushion shaped ring has a larger and more atmospheric surface area, which is more suitable for men. Also, due to its larger area, it can accommodate a lot of content. Of course, it also depends on what shape of ring surface your design is suitable for.

Girls may be more suitable for oval shaped ring faces, which look more delicate and elegant than cushion shaped ones.