CAD Jewelry Design

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CAD Jewelry Design

For those studying jewelry design, all design ideas originate from hand drawing. Today, digital modeling and rendering technology is quite mature, so what software should be chosen for jewelry drawing?

Hand drawing ability has always been a necessary skill for designers, but with the development of intelligence in the jewelry industry, 3D modeling software has been widely used in the jewelry design industry. Jewelry modeling, as a core skill that connects design, production, and promotion, has created favorable opportunities for the digitalization and intelligence of the jewelry industry. Traditional hand-painted jewelry is no longer sufficient for jewelry production, and designers need to constantly learn new skills. If traditional hand-painted jewelry is a representation of high-end jewelry, then digital modeling is a convenient way for commercial drawing.

The mainstream mapping software is divided into 2D and 3D software

2D software: Photoshop CorelDRAW

3D software: JewlryCAD Rhino、Matrix、Zbrush

No.1 2D drawing software

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the most familiar software for editing images. Mainly processing digital images composed of pixels. Choosing PS drawing requires a strong foundation in drawing, relying solely on drawing to complete the jewelry design work. Although it can present a three-dimensional effect on a computer screen, it is completely different from 3D modeling, and the quality of its effect depends entirely on individual drawing skills and cannot be actually produced.


CorelDRAW is a graphic design software from Corel Corporation in Canada. It is a vector graphics production tool software that is commonly used by designers in some jewelry factories. However, it also uses graphic software to draw a three-dimensional effect and three views of jewelry, mark the dimensions, and then give it to the software engineer to draw a 3D model output. The software continues to present the display effect on the plane from beginning to end.

When drawing with CorelDRAW, you need to first think of the perspective and structural diagram in advance, draw the outline, and then use color filling, gradient, and brightness relationships to present the jewelry effect.

The drawbacks of the above two 2D software are that they are disconnected from subsequent work and have low efficiency, making them unable to align well with future development trends.

No.2 3D drawing software


JewelCAD is a specialized CAD/CAM software used for jewelry design/manufacturing, JewelCAD is highly specialized, efficient, and easy to learn, making it the industry's recognized and preferred CAD/CAM software system. JCAD, abbreviated as JCAD, is a software designed for jewelry production and widely used in the jewelry processing industry. The software is overall concise, easy to operate, convenient and easy to learn and operate quickly, suitable for beginners to get started. The interface functions and tools are only used for jewelry design and production. Flexible and advanced modeling capabilities to create and modify curves and surfaces, and powerful modeling capabilities applied to more complex designs. A fixed design library can accelerate the design process, including stone equipment library, parts library, and user library. Once new design inspiration is generated to extract parts or components, future designs can be completed.

One major advantage of JCAD is its calculation and weighing function, which directly calculates the price and weight of gold and silver materials cast from jewelry in the software. It is very convenient, and the output format can be directly integrated with the factory. Overall, this software is very convenient compared to other software in the subsequent production and docking of jewelry.


Rhino is also a mainstream design software nowadays, which was previously used in industrial design majors. Later, it was also widely used in the jewelry, furniture, shoe mold design, and architectural design industries. This software is centered around surface shaping, presenting curves and surfaces based on values, control points, nodes, and relevant evaluation rules. The interface operation is simple, and the mouse operation and window are very flexible, allowing for maximum output of one's own ideas through the model.

The professional jewelry design plugins based on Rhino mainly include:

1) TDM RhinoGold: A jewelry design plugin from Spain, which is a comprehensive jewelry design plugin with a wide range of features, including modeling, stone setting, mouth setting, ring design, and relief design tools.

2) Smart3d: Jewelry design plugin from Italy. The advantage is that automatic stone laying and the generation of honeycomb bottom holes are very convenient.

3) Logis3d Pavetool: This is also a jewelry design plugin from Italian software, using Smart3D like operation ideas and techniques. It has a powerful automatic stone removal function and the ability to quickly generate honeycomb bottom holes.


This software is rarely used, but its professionalism is still strong. As Matrix and Rhino are developed by the same company, the operating concepts and basic instructions are basically the same. It is an extension of Rhino's nurbus surface script function, so after learning Rhino, the operation of this software is basically no problem.

Matrix can more accurately display the structure and details of the model, and is equipped with a complete gemstone library and stone slotting function, greatly improving the efficiency of jewelry modeling.


ZBrush is a digital carving and painting software that has revolutionized the entire 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflow. It was first applied in the gaming and film animation industries, and due to its powerful sculpting brush carving function, it has also shown great potential in the jewelry industry.

ZBrush is more difficult to operate compared to other software, and its software interface only has one window, which is different from the common four working windows of 3D software. On the left side of the entire software interface are brush related tools, and on the right side are powerful model editing and control tools. It's a bit like a combination of flat software PS and 3D software.

ZBrush and Rhino The difference between JewelCAD and others is that they need to operate according to their rigorous logical settings, rather than following their logic, which may lead to errors or model problems. ZBrush can be said to liberate the mind and body, and can use basic geometry for arbitrary carving and creation. More similar to handmade green wax carving and sculpture clay.

As a designer, we should keep up with the times, strive to learn the usage methods of each software, and apply them flexibly. In this era dominated by technology, breaking tradition has become an inevitable trend, and a sense of technology is also an important issue in the future art field.

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