Opal engagement ring

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Opal engagement ring


What is the origin of the colorful engagement ring of the "Cupid Stone" Hyuna?





Hyuna Ring


Unlike the mainstream today, many celebrities and royal families use colored gemstones other than diamonds to make wedding rings. As another precious gemstone that has risen to prominence as the "Five Emperors and One Queen", Opal has attracted the attention of many jewelry enthusiasts for its beautiful appearance and high price.


For example, the engagement ring between Hyuna, the first person of Korean idol solo, and her boyfriend Kim Hyo jung. Hyuna's engagement ring is designed with a large opal, colored diamonds, and platinum, which is different from the typical engagement ring that uses a combination of diamonds and platinum. The ring is unique and the brand will not release the same style again, which is quite unique and reflects the deep love between Hyuna and Kim Hyo jung. Not using traditional diamonds is Jin Xiaozhong's creativity, as Opal is Hyuna's favorite gemstone. The designer also believes that the magnificent and fantastical beauty emanating from Opal is very consistent with Hyuna's unique style.




Why is Opal called the "Stone of Cupid"



When it comes to the sexy "little wild horse" and colorful and ghostly Korean star, who would you think of first?


That's right! It's Hyuna. The fashionable "female demon head" who wears all the colors of Korean entertainment K-pop has awakened many people's colorful DNA.


In gemstones, the same goes for Opal, whose English name is Opal, derived from the Latin word Opalus, which means "combining the beauty of gemstones in one.".


Opal, also known as precious opal, usually refers to gemstone grade opal with a color changing effect, with a hardness of 5.5-6.5. It is a hydrated amorphous gemstone with an internal structure composed of spherical SiO2 at 150-400nm. Its chemical composition is SiO2 · nH2O, with a single refractive index of 1.35-1.45. Opal is homogeneous but exhibits abnormal extinction, often with strong white ultraviolet fluorescence and even phosphorescence.




What is the color change effect




The special structure of gemstones produces color due to interference and diffraction of light, and the color changes with the light source or observation angle, which is called discoloration.



The interior of Opal is composed of tiny spheres arranged neatly in a three-dimensional space, which is simply understood as a ping pong ball in a box. When light travels between spheres, diffraction or bending occurs. When light refracts, it disperses into the color of a rainbow, which is what we see as the opal color change. The ancient Roman natural scientist Pliny once said, "On a piece of Opal, you can see the flames of rubies, amethyst like spots, emerald like green seas, colorful, integrated, and beautiful." High quality Opal is known as the "color palette" of gemstones, famous for its special color changing effect.


Oubo is designated as the birthstone of the golden autumn in October. Cupid stone is another term for opal gemstones. The Cupid Stone is a symbol of hope, loyalty, peace, and luck, and people believe it will bring eternal love. The Opal gemstone, also known as the "incarnation of the rainbow," has gorgeous colors and particularly carries a symbolic meaning of female happiness.


Maintenance of Obo


Firstly, the yellowing of Europa in Africa is caused by water loss, which is related to geological, rock, temperature, humidity, structure, environmental factors, etc. Most of the opals produced in regions such as Russia and Ethiopia in Africa are volcanic hydrothermal opals with high water content, also known as "water opals". When encountering heat or high temperature, water will escape, leading to opals drying, darkening, discoloration, and even cracking, making most water opals unstable. For the African water opal, it is both afraid of losing water and afraid of soaking in water, so it cannot be stored in a too dry and hot environment, nor can it be worn for bathing to avoid losing its color. It can be stored in a damp environment in daily life.



As for Australia's Opal, it is relatively stable. But if exposed to high temperatures, it can cause water loss or even rupture, so stay away from high-temperature objects and do not use steam cleaning. (Do not place next to the heater) During the cleaning process, first brush off the surface dust, then clean with warm water. Generally, use a softer cloth or soft bristled brush to clean.



The dazzling and mysterious Opal is constantly changing in color, just like every gemstone implanted with a galaxy map using holographic technology. The hues of fire can be in the form of dots, flakes, meteor showers, electric nebulae, smoke, and so on, each of which is intoxicating. Have you loved this Opal?


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