Amethyst engagement ring

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Amethyst engagement jewelry


Amethyst is constantly favored and honored

Why does the royal family love it


In the jewelry industry, amethyst is a representative of purple gemstones and a shining presence in royal jewelry.

Before the new route was opened up, amethyst was mainly produced in Russia and its production was scarce. It was once on par with red and blue treasures in Europe. The noble aura and historical origins symbolized by purple shine brightly in the design of generation after generation of ICONs in the royal family.



Amethyst is constantly favored for its noble and elegant color, and is a color pursued by Western royal elites and churches. Amethyst can be seen on the crowns of European royalty. The imperial concubines and princesses have a special fondness for her and cannot put it down.


The Swedish royal family

Swedish Royal


In Sweden, there is an amethyst crown with a historical background, which is alternately worn on the heads of the Queen and Princess of Sweden.


This amethyst crown originally belonged to Empress Josephine of France, who was Napoleon's wife. It was originally an amethyst necklace, but its seventh heir, the current Queen of Sweden, Sylvia, modified it to make it easier to diversify and reorganize.


Before being inherited by Queen Sylvia, this amethyst necklace had been worn by her two sister-in-law (Princess Christina and Princess Margarita). Later, due to Queen Sylvia's discovery that the necklace was too heavy to wear, it was non permanently installed on a base so that it could be used as a headdress. In addition, one of the fifteen amethysts was removed for use as a brooch or hair accessory.


Two amethyst bracelets can be connected together to create another necklace, and a detachable pendant with the initial brooch can also be added to the necklace.

The Swedish royal family now has a complete set of amethyst jewelry accessories, including a crown, a necklace or two bracelets, a brooch or a hair accessory or two brooches.


The British royal family

British Royal

Not only does the Swedish royal family have a preference for amethyst, but the British royal aristocracy, who have always loved jewelry, are also fascinated by amethyst.

At the Christie's auction, there was an amethyst ring known as the "inauguration ring" that caused a sensation. The ring was polished into a noble and elegant plain surface, paired with a retro classic ring set. The net weight of the bare stone was 18 carats, and it was sold for a sky high price of 30000 pounds (approximately 267000 yuan).

This amethyst ring, also known as the "inauguration ring," is an old item belonging to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It was a gift from her husband on the day of her inauguration. The noble and elegant amethyst can make the wearer calm, calm their emotions, and calm their inner turmoil. Mrs. Thatcher has always regarded it as a symbol of good luck and unwavering love, wearing it in her hands for a lifetime and never taking it off.


Queen Elizabeth II of England, her jewelry includes a magnificent set of amethyst jewelry, including a huge necklace, a pair of earrings, and a brooch.


The Royal Amethyst Set can be said to be one of the most impressive jewelry sets owned by Queen Elizabeth II. This set of jewelry consists of a diamond necklace, earrings, and brooches. It was passed down to Elizabeth II by the Duchess of Kent, the mother of Queen Victoria.


This set of amethyst Elizabeth has only been worn once, and the amethyst brooch often appears in the set. Each time it is worn, the three small pendants under the original brooch will be removed for a more concise form.


The queen, who adheres to the aesthetic of wearing the same color scheme, has created an elegant and colorful "purple color spectrum" through the combination of purple sets and amethyst brooches for many years.


As is well known, Princess Diana loves jewelry, and this set of amethyst that she has modified is one of her favorite jewelry to wear at events. Princess Diana's amethyst jewelry set features her favorite Choker style necklace, paired with amethyst earrings, bracelets, and more., It is likely a gift from Prince Charles to her, making her debut on February 3, 1985.


Initially, necklaces and bracelets were composed of a pearl and an amethyst. Later, after her transformation, the bracelet was transformed into three strings of amethyst beads and amethyst cluster diamond cluster clasps. Like the necklace, there are also two additional amethyst diamond buckles.


Princess Diana often wears this set of jewelry to events, just like during the 1986 British fashion cycle where she wore amethyst earrings at parties. When traveling to Portugal in 1987, she put on a new necklace, bracelet, and earrings. She wore this set of amethysts at the premiere of the last emperor in 1988, a banquet during her trip to Nigeria in 1990, a series of official portraits from 1991, and paintings by Douglas Hardin Anderson.

Princess Diana also had a worn amethyst pendant, which was photographed by Kim Kardashian at Sotheby's in London for £ 163800.

This Attallah gold pendant was designed and produced by British royal jeweler Garrard in the 1920s. In the 1980s, former CEO of British jeweler Asprey&Garrard, Naim Attallah, purchased this cross pendant from Garrard. It is reported that Princess Diana, as a friend of Naim Attallah, has borrowed this pendant from him multiple times to wear at social gatherings.

On October 27, 1987, Princess Diana publicly wore this Attallah cross pendant to attend the "Birthright gala" charity event. She specially paired the pendant with a long pearl necklace. It is said that this cross pendant was only worn by Princess Diana and has never been made public since her death.

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